jueves, 31 de julio de 2014

Swanky Ladies introduction

Let me introduce you to the Swanky Ladies Blog.

A place where you can find the new products of the brand, videotutorials, "how to", tips and much more.
A blogmanual with all the necesary to become into a Swanky Lady.

And... how is a Swanky Lady?
Simple! A Swanky Lady is you!
Because no matter if you are blond, brunet or ginger. If you are tall or small, skinny or fat. No matter if you are a vintage woman or just like to add a little bit of vintage in your life.

Swanky Ladies have personality, like do things for themselves, are independents, magic womans who can change the world with their hands!

So this is a blog created for you, from a brand also created for you.

Feel the freedom to write us and ask us, because we will try to make it better everyday.

Create and share!

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