jueves, 31 de julio de 2014


This is my favourite product!

I'm a lazy person, i always try to make the most simple and quick option. With my hair and make up also!
So when i discover the fabric curlers i start to sew it and the result couldn't be better!!
If you want a set but you can't make it! Don't worry! i will sell it to you!


Some tips!!
I used with dry hair.
I always put mousse before the rolling part.
I divide my hair in 4 sections and comb it gently with every curling part.
Sometimes i used it in the mornings, while i'm doing other things! For my hair with 3 hours it's enough to have gorgeous curls! So if you don't want to sleep with the set, try with this 3 hours, maybe you need more time or more product to have lasting curls!

This is the result!!

Soon i will do a videotutorial!

Create and share!!!

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